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Create your Terefic account. It only takes a few seconds. All we need is a valid email and your current position. A Terefic profile is short and simple.

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Don't wait to interview for a job! Ask someone to attest to your skills when you finish a project. You get better references when people have fresh memory.

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Your references can answer our online survey when it is best for them. Their answers are confidential to carry more weight in the eye of an employer.

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Use one of our resume templates to show that you have Terefic references. Our logo will catch the eye of the recruiter. It can help you get short-listed for a job interview.

5 Use your references

Send your strongest references to the recruiter before a decision is made. Use your online references to promote your skills and personal qualities.

6 Get hired

A positive reference can carry a lot of weight in the hiring decision. It can give you a serious edge over the other job applicants. Use your references to close the deal.

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