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Reference Checking.

For Staffing & Recruitment Firms.

Everyone in your team will become a Superstar.


Do more in less time
without having to log
into a new system.

Sales Managers

Convert 30-40% of
your calls into
sales meetings.

Staffing Executives

Establish new best
practices for your
entire company.

I was just curious to see how the tool worked. Terefic turned out to be the best thing
we have purchased for our agency in a very long time.

Mark K., Managing Director
Top 10 IT & Engineering Staffing Agency.

Terefic provides a systematic, repeative and
very effective way to get new clients.

Rachel B., Business Development Director
Finance Staffing Agency.

Your trusted partner to grow your staffing business

We love our customers as much as you love yours. That's why we provide tools, processes and lead
intelligence to make your client
acquisition efficient, effective and
repeatable. We do all the
groundwork so your sales team can
focus on growing relationships.
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$ Time

We want to see your business thrive

All your sales calls get answered or returned. You convert 30-40% of your calls into sales meetings.

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Our clients love the very professional, unbiased report provided by Terefic. It has helped our recruiters schedule interviews faster and hire more quickly.

Hoang TK., Recruiting Director
Fortune 500 Staffing Agency

Terefic has made our lead acquistion process a lot more efficient and
effective. We convert more references into actual sales.

Danielle P., General Manager
Texas-Based Staffing Agency